Self career coaching for young people (16-25)


Are you a school, a university, a foundation, a public organization that wants to make "Which Career For Me" available to its students? Please contact us for a presentation!

Which Career For me Allows students of all ages to prepare  career planning and explore their motivations through the following steps:

1. Understand the key basics of career planning

2. Discover what they are interested in and what motivate them at work

3. Understand the labor market

4. Explore types of jobs and industries

5. Validate a career project

6. Find the right academic programs and training

Australia / New Zealand

Dr Tae Hee Jung

Consultant Psychologist

Phone: +61 (0) 2 9454 2270

Mobile: +61 (0) 432 460 756


South East Asia

Anisa Zulfiqar

Business development manager, Asia

Mobile: +65 9829 7758