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An engaging online career planning program designed to ​help people choose the right career path, develop themselves in their current role, or switch careers to pursue new opportunities.

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Digital transformation and environmental challenges make it necessary to anticipate the consequences that will have very important repercussions on organizations’ functioning and human resources’ management

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New ways of working

Career switchers

Mental exhaustion

Which career for me is an online career-planning tool, designed to support people through steps to progress in their current role or pursue a new career through a process of building self-awareness.

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All-in-one career space to explore and experience your options

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An online questionnaire providing online results

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Engaging videos to explain your results and key concepts

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Additional activities to help you achieve your goals

Which career for me method offers a complete action framework to help people become active players in their career thinking, motivation or professional development.

Interactive platform constantly updated by experts 

Smart Matching System with a growing database of 2680+ occupations aligned to the ESCO framework (European Skills, Competencies, Qualifications and Occupations) and O*NET framework (in process). 

  • Up to 7 links for each occupation

  • Custom mapping to company’s job and culture

  • Statistical mapping of the results


25 years of research

> Professional motivation theory 

Multilingual support

> Available in French, English UK, English US, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, German and more to come... 

Online training

> WCFM Certification  


It directed me as to how I'm motivated, which is very helpful with VCE

Year 12 student

Being able to visualize your goals, strengths and values and getting occupation suggestions was very valuable and important, especially when moving forward beyond Year 12

Armen Timourdjian - Coach

Motiva is the Ferrari of psychometric tools

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