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Helping employees become more self-aware, improve their level of motivation and enhance their employability to build a fulfilling and successful career.

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Empower employees to own their career development

The solution provides many levels of customization, additional insights and resources to really help professionals get the most out of their future career.

Upskilling employees

Reduce turnover

Understand the company's DNA

More engaged workforce 

Help managers understand their teams' motivational DNA

Statistical mapping of interests, motivations and skills

Assess & improve employees' level of motivation

More dynamic workplace

Motiva used in companies


AXA is a French multinational insurance company. AXA has launched a career mobility centre to help its employees with career planning as a result of the evolution of roles in the insurance sector, which has seen both the disappearance of some jobs and the creation of brand new ones.

As part of this initiative, they wanted to integrate a solution to support  employees with enabling them to learn more about themselves and their career options.

AXA employees can access Motiva  via an internal portal and  have the option of support from a career mobility advisor, who helps with reviewing the results in the context of assessing career mobility options within the company.


The employee puts into words what motivates them, and determines to what extent they are motivated by one driver or another, so that they can then project themselves in the jobs offered by Auchan

Corinne Ferrari,

Head of skill and career management centre

At Auchan, in the retail sector, employees traditionally have the ambition to become store managers! Motiva opens up a wider range of possibilities for them, directly related to their driving forces. This experience also allows them to realize that the job they were planning to do does not actually correspond to their driving forces.

Annick Grossmann,

Human Resources Development Manager

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