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Helping students navigate the future of work by developing their career readiness and employability

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Empower students to become leaders of their own career

Which career for me will help them identify more precisely their interests, what motivates them, jobs that are a good fit, and skills they need to develop

The career planning process

Increase students' career readiness & success

Helps students pursue their passion

Increase university attractiveness

Reduce the stress of career planning

Reduce the switch rate in university

Reduce drop-out rate

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of year 11 students enjoyed or strongly enjoyed using motiva


of year 12 students enjoyed or strongly enjoyed using Motiva

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 They support gifted and academically talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds for the final two years of secondary education. They use the Program as group activity to help students find an academic path and start career planning. Each student completes the questionnaire on computers and then they approach it as a group, presenting results and talking through the findings.

How can we prevent students who are falling behind in school from dropping out, and not going to university?

"We work with students from low socioeconomic backgrounds. A lot of them do have those gaps with career planning and things like that. It really opened their mind."

Rachel Curtis

Program Coordinator

Year 11 Student

it directed me as to how I’m motivated, which is very helpful with VCE.

Year 12 Student

Being able to visualize your goals, strengths and values and getting occupation suggestions was very valuable and important especially when moving forward beyond Year 12.

Rachel Curtis - Program Coordinator

Motiva is incredibly reputable with its algorithm and how it’s been developed.

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