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Labour institutions

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Prepare the workforce of the future and help individuals enhance their employability and career readiness in a volatile and uncertain world of work.

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Prepare individuals for today’s workforce challenges

The solution provides individuals with the resources to be more self-aware and discover their interests, motivations, skills of the future and corresponding jobs.

Improve career readiness

Job list updated regularly with emerging new job

Skills of the future self-assessment

Empowers individuals

identify trends with statistical mapping of interests, motivations and skills

Improve employability


The URSSAF collects and distributes social security contributions

Employees welcome the results with great interest. They have at their disposal absolutely fundamental information on what motivates them (or not) in the professional framework, the missions and environments which attract them (or not). Motiva Individual's contributions are both obvious and rapid. Obvious in that Motiva Individual provides a better understanding of what the person "wants to do and feels capable of doing" and provides valuable insight into key motivations. 

Hélène Prédignac,

Head of HR Development

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Employment specialist in agriculture and the environment

Motiva can help you identify the career fields and job levels that are most appealing to you.

Charline Laroze,

Career and training advisor

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APEC (executive employment organization) uses MOTIVA  as their primary solution for the career planning of French managers and young graduates. To help the accompanied individual to discover their areas of interest and professional motivations and to provide support with returning to work.

One of Motiva's big advantages is that it's simple and quick to use (20 minutes for testing, 1 hour or 1.5 hours for feedback).

Céline Iborra,

Professional development consultant

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